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Content Marketing – Make Sure You Avoid These 11 Mistakes

In the near-limitless universe of the Internet, the art of marketing content can be a tricky one. You’ve got to know your target audience and what they want, and always be one step ahead of the competition. Add to that the constantly emerging new channels for your content, and you have quite a challenging task ahead of you.

However, before you jump into this war of words, here are 11 pitfalls to watch out for:

1. Not doing your groundwork

You can’t construct a skyscraper without laying the foundation. What is the purpose of your content? Who are you targeting it to? Is it in line with your brand personality? If you don’t brainstorm on these questions and build a concrete plan, you might fail before you even start. It also helps to double-check your content and see what you can do differently from the competition.

2. Not having a clear take-away

Humorous fluff pieces are fun to read on the Internet, but don’t let their popularity sway you. Good content needs a solid take-away – a message previously unavailable to your readers. Give them something new through your content, and they’ll be hooked on to your every word.

3. Not having a Call-To-Action

An ending paragraph is strong, but a Call-To-Action (CTA) is stronger. Every piece of content needs to arouse something in the reader by the end – be it curiosity, happiness, or even fear. Give your reader an action to perform after they have read your content – it could be liking, sharing, commenting, or accessing your hotline or website to know more about your product. Whatever you do, just don’t leave the reader hanging at the end of your piece.

4. Choosing quantity over quality (or vice versa)

Content marketers today still grapple with this question – produce more content faster, or deliver comprehensive content less frequently? In our experience, a healthy mix of the two is the best long-term strategy for content marketing. Don’t be pressured by the speed and frequency of new posts on the Internet; just produce the best and most timely content that your marketing plan allows.

5. Not optimizing your content (SEO)

Do you want your content to be the first thing netizens see in a quick Google search? Then don’t let search engine optimization (SEO) be an afterthought in your content marketing plan. Come up with some strong keywords, and strategically sprinkle them throughout your content. Do this right, and watch your content shoot straight up the search results list.

6. Writing long paragraphs

Let’s face it – the online reader’s attention span has taken a nose-dive in recent years. Long paragraphs are a chore to read through. On the other hand, breaking up your content into shorter paragraphs or bullet points boosts the readability of your piece. Each paragraph and point also acts like a place-holder in the readers’ minds, which they can refer to at any time.

7. No internal or external links

Don’t you want a visitor to your website to stay and know more about your product? Internal links to older content are a good way to ensure audience retention, greater interest in your brand, and better optimization for search engines. External links to related topics also add ranking power to your content since Google’s search spiders read them as ‘third-party votes’ for your piece.

8. Not using relevant images

Your post’s featured image is the first thing a viewer will see on social media. Relevant images and infographics make people want to read your blogs. After all, no one likes to read a continuous stream of text. Content is getting more and more visual by the day to keep readers hooked, and you should follow suit.

9. Overly promotional content

The online audience wants entertaining and engaging content, and also doesn’t want to be marketed to all the time. You aren’t going to achieve the latter by producing overtly promotional content, with words such as ‘buy’, ‘sell’, ‘exchange’ at the forefront. Creative, engaging content with out-of-the-box visuals are today’s gold standard in marketing.

10. Distributing content haphazardly

Simply sharing your content on every social media platform out there might sound like a good idea at first. However, unless you share it on the right platforms frequented by your target audience, all your efforts might go in vain. Base the online distribution of your content on the social media habits of your audience, as well as the nature of your product.

11. Ignoring content metrics

Content marketing is not an open-and-shut case; there’s always more to learn from your existing work. To simplify, there are four metrics by which you can analyse the success or failure of your content so far – consumption, sharing, leads generated, and sales and revenue. You can then tweak your future content or strategy depending on these results.

Marketing your brand through online content needn’t be rocket science – if you do your homework right, Work with a communications agency that can get your brand the attention it deserves!

How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

At some point, we’ve all scoured the web for information having ended up with dozens of listings for a single key phrase. While a few of these are genuinely out there for information, the major chunk have an ulterior motive – marketing.

Web content peppered with links is nothing but a content marketing campaign. It is used by a large number of business owners to get word out about their business, providing some useful info to prospective customers simultaneously. However, managing a content marketing campaign is not as easy as write, publish and link. It involves some serious groundwork and we’ve discussed 6 tips to optimize it.

1. Set a goal –

What’s the objective? The obvious answer is generating leads and sales. How are you going to achieve it? That’s the real question.

The idea of using content marketing is to boost sales through creating awareness, engaging readers, improving loyalty and building relationships. Hence, aggressive promotions throughout will not help. Rather than a general goal, break up your content marketing strategy into smaller, specific and realistic goals.

2. Track and measure –

With your content marketing strategy up and running for a while, you need to track performance. Thus, the first thing to do is implement trackable strategies. Track the right metrics depending on your objectives. Some of the metrics you can measure include:

· The page views and documents accumulated

· The number of social media shares

· The social networks that bring the most traffic

· The number of consumers you have managed to convert into leads and actual sales

You can always change or delete content that is not aligned with your content marketing objectives.

3. Consumer-centric –

Target an audience. The marketing strategies you adopt should focus on the needs and requirements of your audience; otherwise they will fall flat. Use high-ranking keywords in your content, but add a human touch to it.

Speak to them as though you understand them. Provide information that they can use. Share your expertise in your content; you should sound like a voice of authority if you want to build credibility among your readers. Also, identify the factors that trigger purchase. Use and test the data from analytics to craft content. Test the content to see how it performs.

Do a bit of research on forums, social media sites and through personal interactions to see exactly what your targeted customers want.

4. Develop a road map –

Create a plan. This includes the type of content you will create, potential topics, the length of content you think appropriate, the frequency of content publication, how you will include your call-to-action and, the social media channels you will use. Flesh it out and document it. It will help you better understand the loopholes and where you need to improve.

5. Set yourself apart –

Every second business uses a content marketing strategy. If you want yours to really work, you need to do something different.

6. Don’t forget Google –

Google keeps updating its algorithms; if you aren’t on the same page with it, your content marketing campaign will fail. Your content won’t rank high on search engines.

So, if there’s anything you’ve been doing wrong or not doing, use these tips to improve your content marketing strategy.

8 Methods to Create Viral Content

8 ways to have your viral content reach a worldwide audience. Viral content marketing techniques that works. Use the proven methods of viral marketing companies.

Yes, it will be pleasant to discover the segments of a viral content post with information that is supported with analysis? Overall, that is precisely what we will show you how to do through this viral content post.

Marketing Techniques that Equal Substance

Let it be known! All bloggers and viral marketing companies long to make epic substantial informational posts. Viral content that spreads like an out of control fire in the online networking market. On the other hand, any web showcase road as far as that is concerned and this is not a fantasy. We know most huge names within viral marketing companies do it! We know their mystery process.

8 Proven Marketing Methods

These methods are researched as proven beneficial and effective.

First, Content Marketing Method – Use memorable URLS – Viewers and visitors are more likely to click your links if the URL is short. You can create a free URL at and attract more visitors.

Second, Marketing Method – Use readable URLS – You are likely to receive more clicks on your URLS if people can read them. Leave the post ID, and dates out of the URL (e.g.

Third, Content Marketing Method – Create eye-catching headlines – Headlines with numbers at the beginning get 37% more clicks than other headlines. This is followed by headlines with the word ‘you’ (e.g. Ways You Can Excel, 6 Ways to Excel). Add an additional 20% more clicks when you use odd numbers opposed to even numbers.

Fourth, Marketing Method – Put a bracket in your headline – If you put a [bracket] in your headline the click through rate of your blog post will be bumped up by 39%.

Fifth, Content Marketing Method – There is some content that must be placed above the fold of the content to attract and keep the viewer’s attention.

· 81% more people will read your viral content if you place a colorful image above the fold. Any image will boost your viral content and create credibility by more than 70%. Additionally, if the image looks professional you will get almost 50% more shares on social networks. Do not be afraid to use infographics they get three (3) times more shares.

· 65% more people will see your social links if you place them above the fold.

· The most popular click through for AdSense and other advertising is above the fold.

Promoting Your Online Business With Article Marketing

In this modern age, promoting your business online is becoming quite interesting and exciting by the day.

But, you will agree with me that aspiring online business owners must first know what it takes to do this in the first place.

There are many ways of creating public awareness for your business.

Placing advert in newspapers, magazines or online news portals, as well as joining forums are some of the ways of creating public awareness and attracting people to your site.

But, advert placement is expensive and does not guarantee quick returns on your efforts.

People who place adverts in newspapers are seen as marketers, not necessarily experts. They are trying to sell their products or services.

They may have little or no knowledge about the product or service they are advertising.

So, how do you promote your online business? Writing articles that will tell people who visit your site what you have to offer is one sure way of promoting your online business. It is cheap and economical with a global reach.

However, the angle here is that whatever article you write to draw people to your site must add value to them, solve their problems, give insights into existing problems, or impart knowledge.

Good writers know that it takes persistence, patience and focus to craft a good article that will fly. But, the gains will come if you deliver value added articles.

More and more people will keep visiting your site. It adds value to the lives of your visitors and improves the ranking of your site on the various search engines.

Experienced online business owners know that writing or hiring a ghost writer to craft fantastic articles that will solve a problem for the people is the first major step towards making money, online.

But, it is not going to be a quick fixed thing as business, online and offline has an incubation period.

After writing the articles on your products or services and getting them posted on your site, the job is not yet completed.

These articles should be linked to the various social media platforms that you have subscribed to. You know these platforms.

I am not writing this inside a lecture room in Lagos, south-west Nigeria. But, you know that if your articles are linked to your social media platforms, friends, professional colleagues, business partners, etc, will get to read your articles.

Based on this, they will decide whether or not to continue visiting your site, or even initiate a business deal with you. These are some of the steps you must take in order to make money online.

Make More Money Writing Articles

Content is king and also a power to everyone who wants to make money from online business. Writing and publishing articles has become one of the ways of getting targeted visitors to your online stores and this is the pure trick I have been using to make money selling various items.

There are certain steps you need to follow to achieve your goals and this includes the following

  1. Article Topic: You need to write an article on a hot topic that people will love to read and even come back to download. Getting topics can be easily done through visiting online forum for latest and hot discussions. Apart from online forums, you can still go ahead to social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and auction sites like eBay. Based on my past experience I have found eBay as the most successful website where you can get hot topics to write on.
  1. Write Your Article: The next step is to write your content of about 300-500 words about the same article topic you have chosen. Great and quality contents can make your articles get published in a blog where you never imagine. While writing, you need to be explanatory enough for anybody to understand as your article is open to numerous audiences scattered in space and time.
  1. Publish & Promote: You need to submit your articles to great directories that publish articles within 2-3 days after submission. These directories will further enhance accessibility to your articles when people log in. Publishing your article is easier compared to promoting your articles. There are numerous ways you can use in promoting your articles online and this can be categorised into two which are:
  • Paid advertising
  • Free advertising

As we have some forums and article directories that accept free publishing likewise we have paid versions. You can decide which category to go for based on your earnings.

I have some article directories to recommend here for you



Hubslides as an example has a user-friendly interface and features that you can use to monitor your articles’ performance like number of views. Also it has another great feature called forums where you can meet with experts in different fields or professions and also interact.

Remember: Never forget to add your promotional URL and author resource box to every article you publish on any article directories mentioned above as it will help you to get backlinks.

Write Yoast Style For Online SEO Success

Write yoast style on your blog and you’ll learn the key components of popular SEO writing results that work anywhere you might write.

Yoast is a plugin for WordPress. If you don’t have it, you might want to ask your webmaster to add it to your WordPress blog. If you do have it, follow the directions below to learn how to best use it.

1 – Keyword Phrase

Use your keyword phrase as the first 3 – 5 words in your title, in a sub header (header 2), and as the alt text for a graphic you use in your article. If possible, use the same words as anchor text for a link you place in the content, as well.

2 – Edit Meta Description Snippet

Edit the snippet in the yoast file box, by adding about 20 words using your keyword phrase in the snippet. This is an important part of helping others find your article online.

3 – Write 300 Words or More

If you don’t have more than three hundred words to say about a given topic, it probably isn’t worth the effort, because that’s the minimum number of words you need. And they should be value driven words. Don’t be lazy. Add real content and make sure they add value to your site.

4 – Use Short Sentences

Yeah, I know. I can’t do this, even if I’m forced… But I try. So, because the program requires it. I’m learning to shorten my sentences. Sometimes, using odd methods to CUT the length of a sentence.

5 – Keep it Simple Stupid

Okay, that word may not be nice, according to my granddaughter, but it’s a word. Furthermore, it’s a principle. Use it. The principle, not the word.

6 – Use Transition Words

Yeah, this one drives me nuts too. But it’s a requirement. Yoast wants at least 30% of your sentences to have a transition word, because they say so. Words like: and, first of all, finally, in addition, because, since, therefore, same, less, yet, opposite, consequently, most noteworthy, most of all, especially, and relevant. If you don’t use these words, you’ll quickly become superfluous, in the eyes of yoast. Just do it.

7 – Write in Active Voice

This is important. It makes the article easier to read, and gives it more impact. Shorter sentences also help with readability and voice, because you don’t overwrite your thoughts.

Keep your sentences under 20 words each – this is a requirement as well. And do this!

If you find you just can’t — hire a content writer. It’s worth the money!

Some Important Article Marketing Tips to Help You Grow Your Sales

A number of young business people are currently using the article directories as an easy way of selling their products and providers. The article directories are cheap thus making them a perfect selection for any young online business that has to have exposure. Below are some of the important things about article advertising online.

Supplies more detailed information on products and services

In contrast to other marketing techniques, article marketing supplies more detailed information regarding a product about the targeted niche. Most articles submitted to these online sites are usually well researched and contain updated facts concerning the precise topic. This is advantageous because it gives customers more information in connection with products and services. This in return can prompt them to click on that page and get more information regarding the products. This method is good mainly because it leaves the customers wanting to know a little more about the particular products.

You obtain totally free website traffic

Articles are the best solutions to drive traffic back to your site. Most article writing projects are normally attained based on the key words, these keywords and phrases are search engine optimized hence which makes them easily visible to on the internet researchers. An article that is Search engine optimization optimized will always rank reasonably on the search engines, and in most cases they’ll appear on the first page. Physical appearance on the first page indicates high number of clicks hence increasing traffic to your site. This site traffic will boost your organization to significantly higher ranges.

It is cheap

There are many article writing sites that will provide you with high quality articles at cheap rate. Beauty of these sites is that they provide alternatives of either accepting or even rejecting an article if it does not meet the required standards. This gifts you with opportunity to pick the best article for your site. Also, some website owners may decide to generate articles on their own, this is the perfect way of finding no cost articles. You can choose to separately write high quality contents next post on your site.

Simple to use with back links

Back links are generally links that come from other websites to your sites, these back links normally point out to products and services for the sites. These back links could be attached to the lower side of the article towards finishing. A good secret to making attractive back links is through using sweet, attractive terms that will make people click on your site hence boost your rate of return on investment.

Article advertising is not only exciting but also very cheap, most online directories will allow you to release your articles and post all of them free of charge on their sites. This method will generate high traffic to your site at zero cost. In contrast to other affiliate sites that charge, these article directories offer free article advertising services for all sites.

Article marketing is increasingly taking over the online marketing sector and will soon become the simple option to small business entrepreneurs. Through the implementation of various internet marketing strategies, an individual can get the best of article advertising.

How To Market Your Skill As A Writer

Good writers are wordsmiths. Like the building blocks, they have acquired the skills to carefully choose words that will convey specific meanings to their readers across the globe.

Acquiring the skills to write copies that will add values to your readers take time and lots of efforts. It is not a tea party.

You have to leave your comfort zone, read anything and everything under the sun, sleep less at night, stay on your computer till thy kingdom come, browse the net to get specific information, etc.

But, above all, you have to write, write and write. Reading is just 1%, while practice is 99%. There is no magic in crafting good copies. It is more of practice than talking.

But, when you write good copies, you have to let the world know.

In this 21st century, computer and the internet have reduced our world to a global family. It used to be called a global village. Off course you know this.

So, how do you market your writing skills to the entire world? Good question. The internet is a global library and a potent and dynamic market place for everyone.

Therefore, whatever product or service you render to humanity can find ready buyers online and offline.

Websites, blogs, the social media, emails, forums, directories, online advertising agencies, etc, are good platforms for announcing yourself.

But, let me be realistic with you, my brother, my sister. Like every effort under the sun, there is no quick-fix approach to marketing yourself first and subsequently making money online.

It is work first before payment. When you go to some restaurants in Nigeria and abroad, you order for your meals before payment. Yes, some will demand money before the meals.

But, in online writing business, you have to work, research, read, browse and request for specific information from Google, or any of the search engines.

For days, weeks, months or even years, you must continue to announce your presence, give out almost all your products, free and then wait patiently for the conversions to start rolling in.

But, the truth is that in a world of the good, the bad and the ugly, trust online and offline is a big deal. You have got to earn the trust of your readers.

As at 2015, online reports quoted the international telecommunication union as estimating that in a world of about 7 billion people, 3.2 billion of them use the internet.

About 2 billion people from developing and 89 million from least developed countries also use the internet.

Have You Considered Article Marketing? 7 Keys

Article marketing is all about generating traffic and leading interested readers to your website. It’s about writing quality original articles to promote yourself, products, and your business. Article marketing really helps to increase exposure and attract those interested readers to your website.

Here’s a list of 7 keys to successful article marketing.

  1. Continually create relevant, quality content articles that answer your readers search entries. Write about relevant subjects within your niche and build up the readers confidence in your writing so that they’ll want to see more.
  2. Try not to promote yourself within the article itself but wait until the end, after delivering an informative post that your readers can enjoy and benefit from. Give your readers enough quality information in the body that they’ll want to click on the site URL at the end of the article.
  3. Join forums, groups, and communities. Post articles to them as often as possible to bring a steady stream of interested viewers to your site.
  4. Fact-Check your Work: Credibility and authority, or expertise, really do matter in your article and can be lessened by typos, misspelled words, improper English, or any grammatical errors in any part of your article. Here’s a tip: Read your work out loud. Many times this has helped me catch mistakes I missed while reading the article to myself silently.
  5. Always keep the reader in mind: If you’re writing an article on a technical topic, it’s fine to use technical terms, but be careful not to alienate a wider target of readers with information they may not understand or be able to digest.
  6. Hold some things back: Always keep some important info in reserve to make your readers want more. Remember that your article can generate traffic, so use the Conclusion (or Resource Box) to entice your readers to click on your website link.
  7. Write clearly and don’t ramble on. A 500-word article will usually outperform a 1000-word article. You are writing for an audience that wants instant gratification on the Internet. Keep your articles clear and concise, so the reader can quickly understand the content that you’re sharing.

When you submit an article, each one contains different parts and sections. Although some sections may carry more information than others, each one must be written with wisdom and care. A well-written article can really lead to increased traffic to your website and more followers, which leads to more referrals and sales.

Article marketing is a great way to improve your writing skills due to the volume of the quality content write-ups that you produce. So then, your writing skills will improve and continuously draw readers to your site to review and share the content found there.

Another How to Work From Home Article

There is a new era,or maybe not so new that is sweeping the nation and I wanted to talk about this a little in the article.It is the working from home era of today.But how do you work from home,is it as easy and simple as it sounds?Let’s find out.

If you choose to work from home and be you’re own boss or person it can be a great way to earn a living,as you will have the benefits that many people have yet to figure out,when you finally decide and want to learn about how to work from home.

Have you’re own hours

How to work from home like this,well it can be simple you can set you’re own hours if it is your business,you can choose when and even if to work that day,you can work while the children are in school or maybe take some late night hours and work while everyone else decides to go to sleep.

You’re bank account will increase

How to work from home with this one,this is a no brainer,you will see the bank account get bigger so to speak when you do not have to commute everyday to your job,I know a woman who drive 70 miles to and from work everyday,I mean ouch,you will also see how to will tend to eat healthier since you’re home and can cook you’re own food and not have the Wendy’s or anything else.

You can focus a lot better

How to work from home here,you will have so much time to just focus I mean you will be working in an environment that is so quiet it’ll be scary at times,and with the silence you can come up with answers to many questions about a particular project or maybe you’ve tried to resolve an issue that came up,when you can sit there and just be,you’re answers will come up.

You also will have the benefit of not having any office coworkers not distracting you about the latest office gossip or who won the ball game last night.

You can communicate better too

How to work from home on this one,the communication will be better in a way that when you want to make that call ,get in touch with an important client or customer,you have the benefit of being at home and not have those little distractions of people maybe walking into you’re cubicle like you’re boss to shout at you for not completing a job on demand or maybe in the building next door there is construction or some kind of noise that will not let you concentrate on your task at hand.

Any which way you choose to take you’re career or business working from home will be of better benefit to you and you’re loved ones in more ways than you can imagine.